About The Art of Fine Photography by Don Bierman

I am a fine art photographer, nurtured by over forty years of experience, and at times frustration, as a Photojournalist with the Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune newspapers and major magazines in the Chicago market.

As a Photojournalist, I was recognized with many awards, including Illinois and Chicago Press Photographer of the Year. In 1974 My "Catlady" feature  picture story was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.

Currently, my aspiration is to create artistic images that convey my vision of people, places and events in an compelling, insightful and meaningful way without compromising their veracity or the reality that gave birth to them.

While as a photojournalist, I documented people in their millue with all the objective detachment I could summon. Now, as an artist, I relish the liberty of infusing each photograph with a brush of realities mixed from the moment in the palette of my mind.

Hopefully, my raw files born in camera, have matured with the benifit of the wit and wisdom gained by experience along with todays amazing digital technology into pictures that are appealling, possibly discerning, if not perceptive.