<em><span style="font-family: comic sans ms,sans-serif; font-size: small;">Print/Pricing</span></em>

I only sign prints that I make or that are printed under my direct supervision. My prints are made on an Epson inkjet printer using Epson Ultrachome K3 Inks on LexJet Sunset Photo eSatin 300gsm paper. These materials are of the highest archival quality.

My prints are inauspiciously signed in the image at the bottom as, "Don Bierman"(digitally) and on the bach in pencil. In addition, when top and bottom margins extending beyond the image are sufficient, the filename, image dimension and copyright will appear(this information , of course can be hidden by the mating when the print is framed.

I do not offer framing services, since the cost of shipping framed pictures is absurdly high, and in reality, you're the best judge of how your print should be frame.

Prints are price based on their longest image dimension (in inches):
  • Longest image dimension equal to or less than 14 inches..........$100
  • Longest image dimension greater than 14 to 21.5 inches..........$150
Prints will be enclosed in acid-free clear acetate envelopes and shipped in mailing tubes (no shipping charge). They can be mailed flat between stiffners at an extra shipping charge.
  • Licensing: Contact me for the cost of licensing of a print for a specific use.
Since with digital inkjet prints, there's no reason for the degadation of successive prints that's characteristic with traditional lithographs, there is no reason to number them. However, the value of an individual print should be assessed with this in mind: Each image will be printed in an edition of only 5 prints selling at the above prices. When these are sold, a new edition of 5 will be marketed, but at a substantually higher price, and so on.This protects an early purchaser of a popular print, since its value will grow with every edition.

When ordering, bear in mind the relationship between quality and image size. There is a maximum print size possible based on the size of the original image, after which, further enlargement causes visable degradation of the image. This maximum size may vary depending on the printing medium and process. I will not print an image at a size which shows degradation.